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The mission of CardaLordz is to bring all world religions together through a unique spiritual metaverse and non-fungible tokens(NFTs). Our Cardano based NFT, or CNFT, will be able to function as avatars and admit owners into the metaverse.

Each NFT will feature a deity with varying passages from their respective religious texts, allowing users to learn more about world religions as they explore the cardalordz realm.

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The current NFT market volume as of the second half of 2021 was estimated to be 2.5 billion dollars.

CardaLordz will be the first to bring a spiritual metaverse to the NFT industry.

CardaLordz CNFTs will function as in avatars and grant admission into the metaverse.

There will be a gameplay feature. However, the gameplay is unique to the CardaLordz Metaverse. People will earn by taking on one of three roles in the metaverse: The Creator, The Preserver, or The Destroyer.

Creators will focus their time and effort on generating verse tokens. Preservers will spend their time matching verse tokens with other players to generate light tokens. Destroyers will combine verse tokens and light tokens to form a new Lord or to enlighten an existing one.

We will have affiliate marketplaces where Lordz and verse tokens will be available to be sold among players.
There will be in-game micro-transactions when players choose to mint verse tokens, light tokens, or Lordz. There will also be transactions for enlightening Lordz. The payment system we will use is still being developed with your security in mind.

As of now, we do not have plans for a mobile app. We will be launching initially for PC only. If community engagement warrants a mobile application in the future we will make adjustments as necessary.

If you sent the wrong amount of ADA to our address, you will be refunded the excess amount within 7 days, minus the transaction costs. If you sent ADA from an exchange it CANNOT be refunded.

We will educate users on safe practices to avoid scammers. Blockchain in itself also functions as a security measure to prevent any theft during transactions.

We are aiming to be first movers in the Cardano NFT space. This is due to their only recent announcement that they will be launching smart contracts. Cardano’s network stability and gas price stability make it much more appealing than the traditional approach of Ethereum.

Yes, CardaLordz will feature in-app Wallet connection.

The initial minting of the Lordz will be November 18th, 2021 and they will start at 36 ADA.

Before the metaverse is live, you can use your Lordz to generate verse tokens. You will need them to enter the metaverse, create new Lordz, and to help existing Lordz reach higher stages of enlightenment.

Lordz will be minted directly here from our website, through the buy page. When purchasing Lordz, a brand new random Lordz will be minted as an NFT and sent to your wallet.p>

You can use Yoroi, Daedalus, Adalite & Nami, only with Shelley addresses. NEVER send ADA from an exchange.

You can trade on cnft.io or on trusted discord servers until smart contracts are released.